Aisha Bismillah

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Aisha Bismillah (b 1992) received her undergraduate (MChem, 2015) from the University of Central Lancashire under the supervision of Dr Robert B. Smith and Dr Graham Smith. Her MChem project focused on “The Design and Synthesis of Novel NIR dyes for Position Emission Tomogropahy (PET) Imaging” and was in collaboration with the Institute of Cancer Research. Other research undertaken has been completed with Dr Richard W. McCabe on the project “Water Purification by Photo-Catalytic Destruction of Pollutants” and Dr Sanela Martic (US) on “Ferrocene-Peptido Conjugates: The Synthesis”. Her PhD will focus on the “Synthesis and Study of Shapeshifting Molecules”. In her spare time she loves shopping, travelling, eating chocolate cake and powering through season after season on Netflix.


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