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First-Place Finish for Aisha

Aisha has been awarded the a prize for the Best Faculty of Science Poster at the Durham University Reserachers’ Poster Competition. The goal of annual university-wide competition is to effectively communicate research to members of the public and to fellow students from

Poster Prize for Jiří

On April 6, the McGonigal Group made the short trip north to Newcastle to attend the RSC’s Organic Division North East Regional Meeting 2016. Jiří’s poster ‘Cycloheptatrienes – a New Class of Luminogenic Materials’ was awarded a Poster Prize, sponsored by AstraZeneca. Congratulations Jiří! As

Realising Our Potential

We now have an EmStat3+ Potentiostat set up and running in the lab. The instrument will allow us to perform bulk electrolysis experiments and to analyse the electrochemical properties of the new compounds that we are synthesising. For more photographs of our laboratory space, see

Jiri Joins the Team

Jiří Šturala joined the group this week as our first Postdoctoral Researcher, supported by a prestigious Experientia Foundation Fellowship. During his PhD at UCT Prague, Jiří investigated heteroarenium salts, Tröger’s base analogues, and graphite oxide reduction. In Durham, he’ll use his synthetic organic and computational chemistry skills to


On December 21 and 22, the annual MASC meeting was in town, showcasing recent developments in supramolecular and macrocyclic chemistry. Aisha presented the first ever McGonigal Group poster to see the light of day at a conference. As well as witnessing some

Christmas Cheer

The McGonigal Group celebrated the end of term and the upcoming Christmas holidays with silly hats, Thai food, and our Walton Group colleagues. Bring on 2016!

Automated Chromatography

We recently received delivery of a CombiFlash Rf+ purification system. The system will reduce time spent on compound purifications, minimising solvent waste and giving improved chromatographic resolution compared to manual flash chromatography. For more photographs of our laboratory space, see the virtual Laboratory Tour.

Durham Calling

Durham University

Over the next few months, Paul will move gradually out of the penumbra of Northwestern and on to the sunny North of England! The McGonigal Group will open for business on June 1, 2015.